How Do You Clean a Bird Bath?

How Do You Clean a Bird Bath?

To clean a bird bath, put on rubber gloves, dump the dirty water, remove any contaminants, clean the birdbath with a water and bleach solution, and rinse it well. Allow the birdbath to dry, and refill it with clean water.

  1. Put on rubber gloves

    Put on rubber gloves, or cleaning gloves, to avoid contamination from bird poop in the water or on the edges of the birdbath basin.

  2. Dump the dirty water

    Dump the dirty or stagnant water from the basin of the birdbath. Remove any contaminants left in the basin, such as bird seed, leaves or any other debris.

  3. Scrub the birdbath

    With a scrub brush suitable for birdbath cleaning, scrub the birdbath with a solution of nine parts water and one part chlorine bleach. Concentrate on the basin and lip and anywhere the birds land, perch, bathe or drink. For especially dirty areas, allow the bleach solution to sit a few minutes, but monitor the birdbath so no birds drink it.

  4. Rinse the birdbath

    Using running water, rinse the birdbath. Keep rinsing until you are sure that there is no bleach solution left, and allow the birdbath to dry completely.

  5. Refill the birdbath

    Refill the basin of the birdbath with clean water.