How Do You Clean Birch Cabinets?


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According to Do It Yourself, you clean birch cabinets by using a dusting rag, a degreasing cleaner and a scrub brush. Once cleaned, restoration of the cabinet is also advisable. Restoration requires the application of a finish restorer and linseed oil for glossing.

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First, remove all the dust and other particles from the cabinet by using a dust rag. If the cabinet is greasy, Do It Yourself suggests using a degreasing cleaner. Spray the cleaner onto the cabinet, and after a few minutes, clean it off with a scrubbing brush. In the case of stains that are hard to remove, sand paper may also be used, with wood particles and left-over dirt removed with a vacuum cleaner afterwards. Finally, remove the chemicals and oils used on the cabinet by scrubbing with a damp cloth.

The restoration process begins with the application of the finish restorer. Smear the restorer onto a cloth, and rub it over the entire cabinet in a circular motion. Once the application is completed, the excess finish restorer can be removed using a damp cloth. Linseed oil can be applied with a paintbrush to achieve a glossy finish that covers the whole cabinet from top to bottom.

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