How Do You Clean Big Green Egg Grills?

How Do You Clean Big Green Egg Grills?

To clean a Big Green Egg grill, disassemble the key components of the grill, clean out the excess ash, wipe everything down, and reassemble the grill. Cleaning should be done dry without using any cleaning products or other liquids, including water.

  1. Take the charcoal out of the grill

    If you've been using the grill regularly, odds are you still have unused charcoal in the bottom. Shake and stir the charcoal to sift the ash free so it falls loose, then remove the charcoal from the grill and set it aside.

  2. Remove the ceramic components

    The ceramic components of the grill can easily be removed. These include the fire ring, grate, and fire box. Lift them out with care; ceramic components are fragile, and should be placed in a safe place until you're finished cleaning.

  3. Empty the accumulated ash

    You can either dump out the ash in the bottom of the grill, or vacuum it out. Vacuums with hose or nozzle extensions are ideal.

  4. Wipe down the components

    Using a dry cloth, carefully wipe both the interior of the grill and the ceramic components. Ensure that no cloth fibers remain on any of grill's parts.

  5. Reassemble the grill

    Check that the grill's air flow is clear, then place the ceramic parts back into the grill. Add the charcoal you previously removed.