How Do I Clean Bed Linens After Strep Throat?

The bacteria that cause strep throat spread when an infected person coughs or sneezes into the air and another person inhales the germs. The highly contagious disease also runs the risk of coming back if a house is not properly sanitized after someone has recovered from a case of strep throat. It's important to properly clean bed linens to prevent a recurrence of strep throat, and this requires the use of high-temperature wash cycles and appropriate disinfectants./

  1. Strip the bed

    Strip the bed of all bedsheets, pillow cases, comforters and other bedding.

  2. Wash the bedding

    Wash all bedding in very hot water to kill strep throat germs and to sanitize the sheets and blankets. Check washing instructions to find out the hottest cycle the bedding will take.

  3. Dry the bedding

    Tumble dry the bedding to sanitize it further.

  4. Wash other fabric that touched the bedding

    Wash any decorative pillows, pajamas, towels used after bathing and other fabrics worn during the illness on the hot water setting in your washing machine.

  5. Wipe down surfaces

    Wipe down the bed itself while washing the bed linens to prevent any germs from getting back on the linens. Use a bleach and water solution, sanitizing wipes or a solution of hydrogen peroxide.