How Do You Clean a Bathroom?

How Do You Clean a Bathroom?

Clean your bathroom by scrubbing all the fixtures, walls and floors with bathroom cleaner. Use a special cleaner specifically for glass and mirrors. You need rubber gloves, bathroom cleaner, glass cleaner and a scrubbing pad.

  1. Scrub sinks and countertops

    Put on the rubber gloves. Scrub all sinks and countertops using a bathroom cleaner or a baking soda, ammonia and water mixture. If the countertop is made of plastic laminate, scrub the surface with a scrubbing pad. Avoid using steel wool on marble.

  2. Buff the mirrors

    Clean the mirrors with a mirror cleaning solution or a homemade cleaner. For a homemade cleaner, mix two cups of rubbing alcohol and water with two tablespoons of dishwashing detergent. Spray the mirror with the cleaner, then rub with a cloth.

  3. Clean the showers and bathtubs

    Use a cleaner to scrub down bathtubs and shower stalls. For porcelain, use a liquid cleaner and a scouring pad. For fiberglass, use a nonabrasive cleaner and a sponge. For shower stalls, spray the enclosures with a mildew inhibitor. Rub down glass with white vinegar to get rid of water deposits.

  4. Wash shower curtains and bath mats

    Clean shower curtains and bath mats by putting them through a washing machine cycle. Use equal parts baking soda and detergent, and when the rinse cycle starts, add 1 cup of vinegar. Hang up the wet curtain, and spray it with disinfectant.

  5. Clean the toilet

    Start by cleaning the toilet bowl using a toilet cleaner or chlorine bleach. Use a long-handled brush to scrub it out. Clean the rest of the toilet.