How Do You Clean Baseboards?


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To clean baseboards, dust them with a feather or static duster, wipe them clean with a detergent solution and detail the corners with a cotton swap. The process requires a duster, a bucket, several clean cloths, liquid dish detergent and cotton swabs.

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  1. Dust the baseboards

    Run a feather or static duster over the baseboards to remove loose dust and debris. Concentrate on the top of the baseboards and the crack between the baseboards and the floor.

  2. Wash the baseboards with soapy water

    Mix a gallon of warm water and a teaspoon of liquid dish detergent in a bucket. Wet a rag in the solution, and wring it out well. Use the damp rag to wipe down the baseboards. Rinse the rag frequently in the bucket to keep it clean and damp. When cleaning a lot of baseboards, change the water, and get a clean rag as necessary to avoid re-depositing dirt on the baseboards.

  3. Detail the baseboard corners with a cotton swab

    Dip the end of a cotton swab in the detergent solution. Push the soft end of the swab into the corners of the baseboard and any decorative elements that are difficult to clean with a rag. Use a fresh cotton swab for each area that needs detailing.

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