How Do You Clean Baking Sheets?


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With the proper cleansers and cleaning tools, even old baking sheets can be shiny once again. To thorougly clean a baking sheet, first remove the light grease layer with a mild abrasive. Then, remove the heavy grease layer with a pre-treater, and finally, wash the baking sheet with dishwashing liquid before its final rinse.

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  1. Remove light grease layer

    Mix a mild abrasive such as Comet or baking soda with water until it forms a thin paste. Apply the paste to the sheet's surface, covering the light layer of grease present. Scrub the abrasive with a steel wool pad to remove the grease. Repeat the process until all traces of the light grease layer are gone.

  2. Remove heavy grease layer

    Remove heavy caked-on grease from non-stick baking sheets by applying a layer of heavy-duty grease pre-treater to the baking sheet surface. Leave the pre-treater in place overnight to cut the bonds formed when grease is used on the non-stick surface. For sheets without a non-stick surface, head outside to a well-ventilated area and spray the baking sheet with oven cleaner spray. Allow the spray to sit on the sheet overnight. The next day, wipe the pre-treater or oven spray from the sheet using a sponge to remove the heavy grease build-up.

  3. Wash and rinse the baking sheet

    Wash the sheet with dish detergent in warm water to remove the pre-treater before rinsing the baking sheet clean.

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