How Do You Clean Badly Tarnished Intricate Brass Artwork?

How Do You Clean Badly Tarnished Intricate Brass Artwork?

To clean badly tarnished intricate brass artwork, immerse it in soapy water, brush it, rinse and dry it, and buff it with rubbing compound. This one-hour process requires rubber cleaning gloves, a sink, water, liquid dish soap and an old toothbrush. It also uses a towel, rags and brass rubbing compound.

  1. Immerse the brass in soapy water

    Fill a sink with warm water and a little liquid dish soap. Put on rubber cleaning gloves, and immerse the brass in the water.

  2. Brush the brass

    Scrub the brass with an old toothbrush until it is free of dirt and grime. Concentrate on the dirtiest and most intricate areas of the artwork. Drain the sink, rinse the brass with cold running water, and dry it with a towel. If the towel does not reach into the most intricate sections, let the brass air dry before you continue.

  3. Buff the brass with rubbing compound

    Put on the cleaning gloves, take a rag, and dip it into rubbing compound. Rub it over the brass with smooth strokes. Use as little compound as possible, as excess product dulls the metal. When the brass looks bright and clean, switch to a clean rag, and then rub the artwork until it gleams.