How Do You Clean an Awning?


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To clean a fiberglass awning, spray it with a hose, scrub it, cover stains with baking soda, rinse the awning and dry it. The supplies you need for this one-hour project are a ladder, a hose, a spray nozzle, buckets, water, household cleanser, a brush, baking soda, vinegar and towels.

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  1. Remove debris with a hose

    Attach a spray nozzle to a hose, set up a ladder in front of the awning and spray the fiberglass with the hose. Remove fallen leaves, dirt, insects and other loose objects from the awning and its attachment points.

  2. Scrub the awning

    Fill a bucket with one part household cleanser and four parts water. Apply the solution to the awning with a nylon brush and scrub it into the fiberglass. Rinse the awning with a hose and dry it with a towel. Reserve the leftover cleaning solution.

  3. Cover stains with baking soda paste

    In a clean bucket, combine one part white vinegar and three parts baking soda. Coat the stains on the awning with the paste, and leave it on for five to 10 minutes. Pour the leftover cleaning solution over the baking soda, and then rinse the awning with the hose. Dry it with a fresh towel and remove the ladder.

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