How Do You Clean an Automatic Drip Coffee Maker?


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To clean an automatic drip coffee maker, fill the water chamber with a vinegar and water solution, run a half-brew cycle, and wait 30 minutes to an hour before finishing the brew cycle. Discard the solution, and run a clean water cycle through the machine.

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To decalcify a drip coffee maker while removing accumulated mold and bacteria, dump out any coffee grounds in the filter, and rinse the carafe. Next, pour equal parts vinegar and water into the chamber before completing the half-brew cycle, turning off the machine and finishing the cycle. Dump out the vinegar solution before completing a fresh water brew cycle, completing this rinsing process two more times while allowing the machine to cool between each. Complete the entire cleaning process on a monthly basis.

After every use, wash all removable parts of the automatic drip coffee maker with warm, soapy water to remove coffee grounds and oil. Machine wash the parts if they are dishwasher safe. Once the machine is cool, wipe down the warming plate and the exterior of the machine, and leave the chamber lid open after cleaning to allow proper drying. If the carafe doesn't get clean with soap and water, try swirling sudsy water with some rice in the carafe, and clean it with a scrub sponge before rinsing.

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