How Do You Clean Aluminum Mini Blinds?


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HGTV recommends cleaning blinds with a vacuum cleaner using a brush attachment or a lamb's-wool duster to keep them free of dust. It says to work across the slats in order to eliminate the most dust.

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If the buildup on the blinds includes more than dust, a multipurpose cleaner sprayed on a rag or sponge helps to clean the blinds. Spraying the cleaner directly onto the blinds is discouraged, as the overspray soils the window behind the blinds.

While both HowToCleanStuff.net and Mrs. Clean suggest taking the blinds to a bathtub or carwash, HGTV recommends avoiding this practice with blinds. It also recommends against cleaning one slat at a time. If metal or vinyl blinds need deep cleaning, HGTV encourages owners to lay an old piece of carpeting on the drive and use a soft bristle car wash brush to clean the surface. A few drops of grease-removing dishwasher detergent helps to remove any greasy buildup. Once the blinds are thoroughly cleaned, they should be rinsed well. Soap left on blinds causes them to become discolored over time. Once blinds are clean, they are ready to drape over a fence to dry. This method does not work with wooden or fabric blinds.

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