How Do You Clean AC Coils?

How Do You Clean AC Coils?

To clean air conditioning coils, shut off the power to the unit, remove the side grille and top panel, then manually remove sticks and large debris from the coils. Vacuum the coil fins, and spray water from the inside of the coils towards the outside to remove dust and dirt. Vacuum again to remove any remaining debris, then replace the grill and top panel.

  1. Turn off the power

    Locate the unit's disconnect switch in a metal box near the air conditioner, and disconnect the unit. Also, turn off the power to the unit at the main electrical panel.

  2. Remove the side grille and top panel

    Remove the screws holding the grille and panel in place. Pull the side grille away from the unit, and lift the top panel carefully to avoid moving wires or loosening connections.

  3. Remove sticks and large debris

    Inspect the outside of the coils, and use your hands to pulls out sticks and large pieces of debris.

  4. Vacuum the coil fins

    Clean the coil fins with a vacuum fitted with a soft brush attachment.

  5. Spray water through the coils

    Spray water through the AC coils from the center of the unit toward the outside with a garden hose. Do not spray the motor or any wiring.

  6. Vacuum the bottom of the unit

    Vacuum up any debris that has fallen from the coils into the bottom of the unit.

  7. Replace the grille and top panel

    Gently push the grille into place, and replace the top panel. Reattach the screws in the proper locations.