What Are Some Classifications of Toilets?

There are several classifications of toilets, including the gravity toilet and the vacuum-assisted toilet. Most of the technology in different types of toilets is similar.

The most common classification of toilet is a gravity toilet, which uses the height and weight of the water inside the tank to make the toilet flush. A more expensive variation of the gravity toilet is the vacuum-assisted flush toilet, which uses rim holes in the upper bowl of the toilet to create a more powerful and cleaner flush.

A more environmentally friendly toilet classification is the dual-flush toilet. These toilets allow the user to choose the strength of water flow necessary for each flush, so they only use the necessary amount of water.

A more specialized toilet is the bidet, which also is known as a paperless toilet. This toilet is often favored by those of advanced age or limited mobility because it is easier to use and doesn't require the use of toilet paper. Those with specific needs or disabilities also can seek toilets designed and customized for their situation. Consumers with a more technologically advanced or specialized toilet should ensure they know local plumbers who are qualified to perform maintenance and repairs.