What Are Some Classic Tile Patterns?


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Some classic tile patterns are the hexagon tile, which users can install in solid colors or different ones to create a mosaic effect, and the penny round tile pattern, where each individual tile is smaller than its hexagonal counterpart. Despite the size difference, users can install penny round tiles in similar patterns and designs.

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Basket weave is another classic pattern for tiles, and users usually install it in two different colors, such as black and white. Contrasting colors allow each section of the basket weave to stand out, while colors that follow a similar theme can create a more unified environment. The tile is named after its appearance, which gives the illusion of several tiles woven three-dimensionally within each other. This option is available in ceramic and marble materials.

It is possible to install many home tiles in no particularly obvious pattern. This classic style is known as random tiling, and the style first arose in the 1930s. The tiles chosen for this seemingly random collection of rectangles and squares may be a single uniform color or may encompass a variety of hues. In addition to different colors, homeowners may also choose from different textures and patterns, as well as different materials, such as marble and clay.

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