How Does a Click-Clack Sofa Work?

A click-clack sofa works by pushing down the backrest of the sofa until it becomes level with the seat, thereby converting the sofa into a full-sized bed. The mechanism inside the sofa may vary between manufacturers, but the operation of a click-clack sofa is essentially the same for all makers.

Click-clack sofa beds are named as such because of the sound they make when they are converted from sofa to bed. This type of sofa bed is designed to offer a fast and convenient way to provide additional sleeping space. Other types of sofa beds are designed with cushions and removable parts that need to be taken out when the furniture is changed into a bed. In contrast, most click-clack sofa beds do not have removable seat cushions because all parts of the sofa are attached. As a result, the transition from seating to sleeping is faster in click-clack sofa beds compared with other types.

The material used in the backrest and seat of a click-clack sofa bed is the same, so the comfort level of the sofa may also be experienced when it is in the bed position. Most sofa beds of this kind are fitted with high-density foam that is comfortable and supportive.

Other types of sofa beds include pullouts, futons, foldouts and corner sofa beds.