How Do You Circulate Hot Water in a Baseboard Heating System?

To circulate hot water through a baseboard heating system, first bleed the system by removing all of the air, then turn the thermostat up all the way for 30 minutes one by one through every level of the building from lowest to highest. By turning the heating up all the way in this order, hot water will flush through the entire heating system.

Baseboard heating systems are very popular due to their effectiveness and efficiency. This system runs hot water through pipes that have adjustable vents to push heat into a space. It is important to know how to circulate hot water through the whole system to heat a space efficiently.

  1. Remove all of the air in the system
  2. Turn the heating system on for one hour and then turn it off. Locate the bleed valve and open it all of the way until the hissing sound stops. This process will remove all of the air within the heating system at the beginning of the heating season.

  3. Locate the valves for every floor in the building
  4. The main water tank should be located somewhere in the basement of a building, and it should have valves that are labeled for each floor of the building.

  5. Run the heater on each floor from lowest to highest
  6. Turn the valve all the way on for floor one for half an hour. Then, do the same for floor two. Continue this process all the way up to the highest floor to circulate hot water through the entire system.