What Is the Circuit Breaker Wattage of a Refrigerator?


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According to the Honda Wattage Estimation Guide, a standard refrigerator has a starting wattage of 1200. More wattage is required to start the refrigerator up. Once the motor gets going, the wattage required to run it drops well below 1000 watts.

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A normal circuit in an American household accepts between 1800 watts and 3000 watts of power. The wattage of a circuit breaker is calculated by multiplying its amperage by 120, the common voltage of most American appliances. Circuit breakers normally carry amperage of between 15 and 25, so an average circuit breaker easily carries the power load of a 1200 watt refrigerator. In comparison, a stove needs its circuit breaker to carry 2100 watts and a clothes dryer needs over 5000 watts of power to run.

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