When Do Chrysanthemums Bloom?

chrysanthemums-bloom Credit: Gary Smith/age fotostock/Getty Images

Chrysanthemums, like many garden plants, are generally planted in the spring but do not bloom until the late summer months or early fall. Although they are relatively late bloomers, chrysanthemums produce spectacular, colorful displays and are among the hardiest species of domestic annual flowers. These plants, also called garden mums, come in many colors and varieties called cultivars.

Chrysanthemums are typically planted during the early spring months. Although garden mums are a hardy species, they should be planted after the threat of frosts and freezes is over. Chrysanthemum cultivars may be grown from cuttings of mature plants or propagated from seeds. Some varieties are available from nurseries and flower centers as fully grown plants and can be added to gardens with other types of garden mums, annuals and vegetables.

Garden mums require regular watering and prefer soil that is neither too dry nor too moist. These flowers should also be planted in areas that receive ample amounts of sunlight, as they require sunlight to perform photosynthesis, which is a process essential for their growth and production of flowers. Cultivars should be given their own space and should be planted with approximately 18 inches to 24 inches between individual plants to allow for maximal growth.