How Do You Choose Zoysia Grass?


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To choose zoysia grass for home lawns, homeowners should be aware of its specific growing and planting requirements, soil's pH and its classification among the different grasses. For example, its classification is that of a warm season grass that can grow in specific climates or United States Department of Agriculture planting zones, such as zones 5 through 11.

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It is possible to grow zoysia grass from seeds, plugs or sod. It can do well in areas of the U.S. that stretch south from Michigan to the southern states and parts of California. For this reason, zoysia grass may not be a suitable choice for a lawn in the extreme northern states with cooler temperatures. Zoysia grass goes dormant and turns brown in chilly climates.

Some of the characteristics of zoysia grass are that it is drought, heat and traffic tolerant. Its sun requirements are that it can tolerate partial to full sun for up to eight hours. This grass type has a medium texture and can produce a green thick lawn during its growing season.

Planting of zoysia grass usually occurs in spring time. Although it is also possible to plant it in the fall, it should be done so at least two months prior to the first frost date. Before choosing zoysia grass for a lawn, homeowners also should check the soil pH level. To grow this grass, soil pH should be in the range of 5.8 to 6.5.

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