How Do You Choose Woodworking Plans to Make Your Own Gun Rack?


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Choosing the right woodworking plans to make a gun rack will depend on the builder's budget, the number of firearms to be stored and the abilities of the builder. Gun racks can be simple or complex, holding just a few firearms or more than a dozen. Plans are available in upright or horizontal styles, often for free from several websites. The intended use of the rack can guide the decision-making process.

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A gun rack is used to safely store a firearm that is not in use, but without locking it away in a gun safe. A gun rack can be decorative to display firearms in the home or business, or purely functional. Functional racks on a firing range or in a retail store might be designed less for aesthetics and instead store a larger number of firearms where they are readily accessible to patrons for use or inspection. The rack should always hold the firearm with the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, and secure the firearm from being jostled loose and falling out or over. Gun racks can also include shelves or drawers for storing accessories and cleaning supplies. Securing the rack to a wall gives it added stability.

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