How Do You Choose a Window Contractor?

When choosing a window contractor, find a number of companies to choose from, find reviews for each contractor on consumer opinion websites, and check which companies are members of local building associations. Get price estimates from several companies to have a frame of reference. Ask the contractors about their experience, referrals and what kind of warranties come with the windows. Find out how long the warranty lasts and what kind of warranty documents the company can provide you.

Qualified contractors usually have websites or advertisements in the Yellow Pages and newspapers. Good window contractors usually have a decent amount of information about them online along with some good reviews. If there is very little information about a contractor online, it might not be a good idea to choose them.

When choosing a window contractor, be aware of the companies that promise to give you a discount only if you order their services that day. It is better to take your time, consider several options and make an informed decision than to hurry and end up with getting low-quality service. Usually, choosing the contractor that offers the lowest price is not the best option. Look carefully into what services or supplies a company has left out and how the bid compares with both the other information that you've gathered and your initial request.