How Do You Choose Vinyl Flooring for Bathrooms?


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When choosing a vinyl floor for your bathroom, consider the style of flooring you prefer, the time you want to dedicate to cleaning the floor, as well as how often the bathroom floor area is used. Vinyl can be designed to endure minimal, medium or heavy foot traffic.

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When selecting your vinyl flooring, there are options in style and design to consider. Vinyl flooring is available in a large variety of designs and patterns, although some brands print patterns onto the flooring while other brands embed the pattern into the vinyl. Vinyl comes as sheets, tiles and planks. Sheet vinyl generally comes in 6- to 12-feet-wide rolls, vinyl tiles mimic common tile material, and vinyl planks appear similar to hardwood floors. Decide the style of vinyl based on personal preference and cost. Consider that certain textured styles are difficult to clean, but sheet vinyl is generally easy to clean.

Also consider how much foot traffic the bathroom gets as vinyl can be finished with one of three types of wear layers to resist dirt and scuff marks. Low-traffic areas only require a no-wax vinyl, and vinyl coated in urethane is suitable for medium to normal traffic areas. Enhanced urethane is ideal for areas of heavy-traffic as it offers the greatest scratch resistance and can maintain its original luster for a longer period of time. Also, generally, thicker tiles are better at preventing mold and mildew from forming.

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