How Do You Choose a Treehouse Plan?


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Choose treehouse plans based on several primary considerations, including the condition of the building site, the tree type and the type of construction used to build the treehouse. Aesthetics should also play a large part in the choice. Choose a plan that fits well in the area, as a treehouse can last for decades if properly built and maintained.

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How Do You Choose a Treehouse Plan?
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The building site includes the tree and the surrounding area. Choose a plan that fits within the available area and allows for movement of the tree and treehouse when there are heavy winds. The building site must also include enough support structure for the treehouse, either in large branches on the tree or with nearby trees that can be used for connections.

Another consideration is the tree's type, strength and flexibility. The amount of growth the type of tree experiences is also important, as there must be room allotted in the plans for growth to prevent harming the tree by the treehouse's presence.

Many treehouse plans call for either modular or full construction of the house before lifting it into the tree and connecting the supports. Choose a plan that allows for the construction method preferred. Modular construction is easier when the construction crew is a small one, but requires further finishing once the tree is raised.

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