How Do You Choose the Best Termite Treatment?


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To choose the best termite treatment, consider the extent of termite infestation. Possible treatments for isolated infestations include the Electro-Gun, which uses electric current to eliminate termites, and chemical pesticides, which you can apply into the termite location by drilling holes in the infected wood.

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Nonchemical treatments include the creation of a physical barrier, the use of steel mesh and sands, and the application of biological control agents, such as fungi and nematodes. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recommends chemical treatments, such as wood treatments; incorporation of termiticides in building materials; termite baits; and liquid, soil-applied termiticides. It is essential for individuals to follow product directions carefully as termiticides are extremely dangerous.

Structural fumigation is a suggested treatment method when dealing with large infestations that affect the entire house. The process requires families to leave their homes for several days while the pest control firm pumps the house with chemicals.

Homeowners who are not familiar with the application of termite treatments should contact a pest management company for professional services. Pest control companies usually have a team of trained, knowledgeable professionals who use appropriate termite control equipment. Before hiring a company, a person should check the firm?s license or call a state pesticide regulatory agency to consult regarding the use of pesticides for exterminating termites.

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