How Do You Choose a Step Stool for Outdoor Use?

How Do You Choose a Step Stool for Outdoor Use?

To choose a step stool for outdoor use, look for a secure, stable, lightweight three-step stool about 3 feet high. For best general-purpose results and maximum lifespan, choose an American National Standards Institute Type II step stool, which is designed to support up to 225 pounds.

To find a good step stool for outdoor use, consider their sturdiness, collapsibility and overall functionality. Look for a step stool with a large, grippy stepping surface, a safety rail and an ANSI Type II aluminum frame. For extra stability, make sure the stool locks in place when unfolded. For convenient maneuverability, look for a model that also locks when folded down.

For outdoor functions such as mounting a horse or getting in and out of cars, choose a lower step stool. Regardless of height, look for slip-resistant steps to prevent falls.

Choose a step stool light enough to hang on a sturdy hook for easy storage. To store the step stool in narrow spaces inside, pick a model that folds down to about 3 inches flat.

To keep metal tools, screws or washers from falling in the grass, look for a model with a magnetic tool tray. For added comfort, look for extra features such as curved leg rests.

For a longer lifespan, choose an aluminum step stool instead of a wooden one. Wood is prone to warping, rotting and splitting.