How Do You Choose Shower Wall Panels?

How Do You Choose Shower Wall Panels?

In choosing shower wall panels, consider your budget, your shower’s measurements and the accessory needs. Balance these considerations against how you want the finished project to look.

Your budget dictates the type of shower panels to use. Low-cost, off-the-shelf fiberglass panels are best if you have a tight budget. You may consider a decorative faux stonewall panel line, acrylic or solid surface if you have a mid-priced budget. Luxury shower panels such as high gloss acrylic and natural stone cost much more. Shop around to know the type of wall shower panels that suit your budget.

Measure and create a rough sketch of your shower before shopping to avoid panels that do not offer flexibility to accommodate your space. Some systems are only available in standard sizes, while others allow customization to fit any space.

If you love the look of tiles and natural stone but you don’t want to maintain grout, acrylic, solid surface and fiberglass systems enable you to build the look of tile or stone using grout-free wall panels. If you do not like the look of tiles or stone, high gloss wall panels may be the right choice.

Consider the breadth and depth of accessories you need because some systems such as fiberglass offer limited flexibility in accessories while others, such as PVC wall panels, can take a vast array of accessories.