How Do You Choose a Shop Stool for a Garage?


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Consider your needs and the tasks you intend to perform in your garage when choosing a shop stool. Some garage arrangements or particular tasks can benefit from having a stool with a built-in tool shelf so you don't lose time moving between various positions unnecessarily. If your garage is for automotive work, select a stool with a seat that you can clean easily and that doesn't tear or stain easily.

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Find a seat that is comfortably padded if you intend to use it a lot throughout the day or if it is for a low table. Stools with adjustable seat height are a good decision if the stool is for locations that vary in height. It's also a cheaper option than purchasing multiple stools of different heights to keep in each location.

Another factor to consider when choosing a stool is whether you want it to be able to roll around. Wheels at the bottom are ideal for stool mobility but can be annoying if you need a stool that doesn't move whenever you shift your weight. Some tools combine many features, having wheels for mobility, padded seats and tool trays with dividers for you to split up tools into multiple compartments.

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