How Do You Choose the Right Wood Stove?


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To choose the right wood stove factors such as the size of the room or cottage, budget, fuel availability and seasonal necessity are the biggest concerns. It is also important to verify that the stove is certified by the Environmental Protection Agency for safety and efficiency.

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How Do You Choose the Right Wood Stove?
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The size of the tank of the stove is the single most important factor to consider. Companies often list different burn times for stoves, which varies depending on several outside factors, such as the type of wood being used, and is not a reliable indicator of stove performance.

Large spaces that are only going to be heated a few times a year are better off with smaller stoves. This allows the heat produced to be more focused. A large stove looks visually appropriate for a large space, but requires much more wood to heat up. Smaller stoves are also easier to clean and to maintain, which improves their burn efficiency and saves fuel. The cost of the stove doesn't always translate into a higher quality, as many of the factors that increase cost have more to do with style, ornamentation and extra features not related to heating efficiency. Stoves don't have to be expensive to work well.

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