How Do You Choose the Right Wall-Hanging Display Cabinet?


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To choose the right wall-hanging display cabinet, begin by thinking about a size for the cabinet. The ideal size depends largely on what types of collectibles you plan to display, how many you want to display and how you plan on spacing them to provide each individual item with the attention it deserves. Smaller items do not need much space, but large and irregular-shaped collectibles may need additional space and security.

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Wall-mounted display cabinets that feature glass display screens keep the items in place and allow viewers to see them clearly. Install the case correctly and on sturdy brackets to keep your belongings safe, especially if you plan on hanging the cabinet in an area that frequently experiences heavy foot traffic.

In addition to the size and general construction, purchase a case in the right materials. Wood and plastic are common materials that provide the home with a variety of decorative details. They are both fairly sturdy, though they may have different maintenance requirements. Metal cabinets are typically more expensive, but they are among the most durable and reliable material options. Choose a cabinet that features a locking option to prevent your items from falling out, and consider a key mechanism, which prevents potential thefts.

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