How Do You Choose the Right Sectional Sofa?

choose-right-sectional-sofa Credit: Paul Bradbury/OJO Images/Getty Images

According to, choosing the right sectional sofa involves measuring the space where the sofa will sit, choosing a color and style for the sofa and determining a price range. Sectional sofas come in modern and traditional styles and range in shape from L-shapes to circular C-shaped sofas.

A sectional sofa tends to be very large, so it is important to take measurements of the area where the sofa will sit. Include measurements for any reclining sections. A sofa can be chosen in a neutral color that works with the living room's decor or in an accent color. Some people prefer to design the room's decor around the sofa, since it so large. Sectional sofas are typically more expensive than traditional sofas, so it is crucial to set a price range and stay within it.