How Do You Choose the Right Lawnmower Blades?

How Do You Choose the Right Lawnmower Blades?

To choose the right lawnmower blades, consider deck size of the mower and the length, width, manufacturer number, shape and number of holes in the existing blade. In addition, opt for a blade that meets the machine and mowing requirements. Also, locate the blade's model number in the owner's manual or on the website of the mower manufacturer.

To choose a replacement blade of the right size, look for a label on it, and match the size given with that of the mower's deck. In addition, the replacement blade's length, width, shape and blade holes must match with those of the existing blade.

To determine the length of the existing mower blade, measure the blade's housing end to end. Also, identify if the existing blade has a one, two or three-blade construction; look for the manufacturer number on the blade using a magnifying glass, if required; and check if the blade has one, two or three holes.

Choose a reel blade for manually operated mowers, and for clipping the grass uniformly. Opt for low-lift blades if the mower is designed to push leaves to either sides, and for cutting the grass close to the ground. High-lift blades are suitable for mowers that are designed to push clipped grass in an upward direction. To mulch and spread the grass on the lawn, pick mulching blades. Alternatively, choose gator blades that combine the properties of low-lift, high-lift and mulching blades.

If buying a universal mower blade, use the mower's model number to know if the blade is suitable for the machine.