How Do You Choose the Right Garage Door Parts?

When looking for the right garage door parts, homeowners should consider checking the model number of an old part or checking the brand name of other parts to make sure they match. It is also important to consider the purpose of the part and how much weight it will need to lift, in the case of a torsion spring.

As with any mechanical device, parts of an automatic garage door do wear out from time to time. Backup batteries may need to be replaced or recharged. Opener remotes stop working. Even larger parts, such as the garage door opener and the torsion springs, may wear out.

The easiest option is to just replace a worn-out part with another of the same make and model. However, parts may not have their model numbers or no longer be made. In the case of an opener, look for another that uses the same type of system, including a chain-drive, belt-drive or screw-drive. Also check that it has enough power to lift the current door.

Modern torsion springs are color coded, so its easy to pick out a set of springs that lift the same amount of weight as the old. Although, it is a good idea to weigh the garage door to get an exact idea of how much strength is needed. Replacing torsion springs is one of the most dangerous jobs in garage door repair, so a homeowner may also want to hire a professional.

When considering a new door, get one that is the same dimensions as the door frame and is within a weight range that the door opener can handle. Homeowners can find cheap stock doors or pay for a custom one.