How Do You Choose the Right Drywall Lift?


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It is important to consider the type of work being done, the kind of drywall being hung and whether buying or renting a machine is required when choosing a drywall lift. Drywall lifts vary in size and in the kind of sheetrock they can lift. Most big hardware stores also rent lifts by the day for a one-time jobs.

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The first thing to think about is the type of job. Consider the size of the job, the dimensions of all the spaces in which drywall needs to be hung, whether or not the job includes ceilings, and the amount of time the job is likely to take. When hanging drywall in a space that includes narrow hallways with high ceilings, it defeats the purpose to choose an industrial-sized lift that cannot be maneuvered handily in the area. If hanging drywall on a vaulted ceiling, make sure that the lift arm can rise to the required height.

The type of drywall used is also an essential factor to consider when deciding on the type to lift to use. Heavy-duty lifts use a hydraulic crank to lift drywall, making jobs easier and quicker, but it may not be necessary to use one for smaller jobs. Calculate the length a job should take to determine whether it is more economically feasible to rent a lift.

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