How Do You Choose the Right Color Vulkem Caulk?


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Purchase a Vulkem caulk color that matches the section or general area you want to caulk. Some of the brand's colors are ivory, gray, white, redwood and black. Latex and some silicone caulks also take paint, so it is sometimes best to choose a white caulk and paint it to match the area.

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Silicone is a durable caulk option because it lasts longer and holds up better, though it is typically more difficult to apply. Silicone caulking is not typically paintable, so you should choose similar colors for a seamless effect, and there are additional framing installations that can cover the appearance of the caulking if it is used for minor or deep applications, rather than broad ones.

Elastomeric latex sealant is another durable caulking option that is slightly less durable than silicone, but it is paintable, which allows you to customize your configurations more efficiently. Siliconized latex and acrylic caulk options are also versatile and powerful in different applications, but they may also vary widely in their quality and pricing, as there are numerous brands that sell this variety. Latex is the easiest caulking material to clean up and apply, but it is also not as strong as other options.

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