How Do You Choose the Right Color Apple Barrel Paint?


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To choose the right Apple Barrel paint color, plan ahead for the painting or project you want or choose to have a central color palette to which you can refer. As of 2015, some available Apple Barrel colors are Candy Pink, Flag Red, Key West, Crisp Green and Admiral Blue.

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You can combine many primary colors with each other to create a different tone for more versatile paintings. Some primary colors to have to create 90 percent of all other necessary colors include burnt umber, titanium white, ultramarine blue, cadmium yellow and Alizarin crimson, according to Will Kemp Art School. Some other colors include yellow ochre, raw umber and ivory black.

Burnt umber is a dull and dark color designed to block darks on portrait painting and tone down other colors. The light and versatile tone of ultramarine blue allows you to apply it for subtle skies and more pronounced tones when used with other colors. It is a versatile tone that works well in all themes.

Cadmium yellow is an opaque yellow that is solid enough for mixing. It is a powerful representation of the central primary color, and it mixes well with many colors. Titanium white is another versatile color that is designed to lighten tones and provide glow to a central work.

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