How Do You Choose the Right Behr Paint Colors?


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The best way to choose the right Behr color suitable for a room is to paint a tiny swatch on the wall, according to the official website. This allows a homeowner to see the color in the exact space and lighting conditions.

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Behr explains that a person should first decide the type of look and feel she desires for a specific room. Next, a person can visit a nearby Behr Color Solutions Center and browse through standard color chips arranged by color hue or check the annual trend card to see the hot colors at the time. Warm colors, including red, orange and yellow hues, create welcoming, comfortable and energizing spaces. In contrast, cool colors, such as those in the blue, purple and green color groups, form open, breezy and relaxing spaces. Anyone who is uncertain about color combinations can browse the Behr color cards to get interesting ideas.

After choosing a color, the next step is selecting the color's intensity, states Behr. Color intensity refers to the level of brightness of a color. A person should also pick the color's lightness level. The last step is buying paint samples and painting a swatch of color on the wall before making a final decision. It is important to observe color changes throughout the day and night to determine if altering the lightness or intensity level is necessary.

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