How Do You Choose the Right Americana Acrylics Paint Color?


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To choose the right Americana Acrylics paint color that corresponds to another brands’ paint colors, use the color conversion charts on DecoArt’s website. Navigate to DecoArt.com and select Learn from the main menu. The color conversion charts are available under the Resources heading. As of 2016, separate conversion charts are available to convert paints for the Delta Ceramcoat, Plaid Folkart, DecoArt Traditions, JoSonja Artist’s Colors and Derivan Matisse Flow brands.

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Each conversion chart lists the names of paints from the other brand along with the names and codes of any matching Americana Acrylics paints. DecoArt notes that its color conversion charts are not absolutely precise. In some instances the charts list multiple Americana Acrylics shades as possible matches. According to DecoArt, despite not being exact matches, the listed Americana Acrylics paint colors should not have a noticeable impact on any art project.

DecoArt produces several all-purpose acrylics products apart from Americana Acrylics. The company also produces glitter and glow products as well as chalkboard paints, fabric, metallic and outdoor paints. Launched as a part of Ceramichrome in 1985, the company changed its name to DecoArt in 1997 following its sale to Coloramics LLP. All DecoArt products are manufactured in the United States.

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