How Do You Choose Replacement Values for Lawn Sprinkler Systems?


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Lawn sprinkler system-compatible replacement valves are generally dictated by the manufacturer replacement kits, which include the valve solenoid and diaphragm. Choosing other replacement valve options for a lawn sprinkler system requires considerations including the compatibility with the current system, the area where the valves are located (above or below ground) and what conditions they are consistently subjected to such as chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers. The size of the valve is dependent on the system's flow rate, while additional features may be considered such as back-flow preventers, pressure regulators and internal scrubbers.

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In order to choose replacement valves for a lawn sprinkler system, locate a local retail store such as The Home Depot or choose a website such as Sprinkler.com, which sells replacement valve parts or kits for many sprinkler valve models including those from the Hunter, Rain Bird and Toro brands. The website offers the option to shop by vendor or parts and welcomes questions regarding choosing the right replacement parts for specific systems through the online form or toll-free phone number.

There are many different options when choosing replacement valves for a sprinkler system according to HomeDepot.com. Valve types include in-line, anti-siphoning, gate, ball, disc, butterfly and indexing valves with different sizes, features and options for each type.

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