How Do You Choose Replacement Cushions for Outdoor Swings?

How Do You Choose Replacement Cushions for Outdoor Swings?

Measure the inside of the swing’s length and width to determine the size of cushion required for the swing. Ensure the cushion’s size is slightly smaller than the measured dimensions to fit on the swing. While choosing a variety of cushions, select one to cover the seating area and then smaller ones to place against it.

Choose weather- and mildew-resistant fabrics for maximum durability and comfort. Such cushions stay bright throughout the year and don’t fade. Fabrics such as acrylic and polyester are soft, pliable and weather resistant. Cushions made of olefin fabric are resistant to snagging, mildew and staining. Spun polyester is more durable, as it does not shrink, fade, lint or snag.

Choose colors and patterns that are in season and work well with other colors. Bright, light colors are great for summer, whereas deeper hues suit the fall. Go for a collection of swing cushions that combines solids, stripes and patterns for a vibrant look.

Ensure the stitches on the cushions are of good quality and not frayed to prevent snags, tears or rips.

Opt for a removable fabric cover for the seat cushion to enable easy washing and drying. Choose a collection of small cushions that fit into the washer and dryer.