How Do You Choose Quality Solar Lights for the Yard?


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When choosing quality solar lights for the yard, consider the purpose of the solar lights, the required light intensity, battery life, motion sensor and light sensor. Other factors of consideration include the type of placement and ease of installation.

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It is important to match the light with its corresponding purpose. The types of solar lights for the yard include spotlights, path lights and decorative accent lights. These different lights have varied light intensities for illuminating the yard for specific reasons. Spotlights are the brightest and target to light up an area and path lights are not as bright and light up walkways at night, while decorative accent lights mark a place or hazard in the dark. Some spotlights and path lights have motion sensors to illuminate more on areas with perceived movement in the yard.

Buying the solar lights in a complete kit has the benefit of easy installation. A good kit should contain multiple lights, a transformer and cables. It is prudent to choose lights that install by screwing them in because yard solar lights are more durable this way and are not easy to pull out, preventing them from theft or damage. The battery life should be long enough to ensure that the lights last longer when necessary.

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