Why Choose a Portable SlimLine Air Conditioner Unit?

The SlimLine brand of air conditioner is easy to move, ideal for use in a wide variety of locations, easy to maintain with a washable filter and uses an environmentally friendly refrigerant. SlimLine air conditioner units also feature three different settings and additional convenience functions.

The SlimLine air conditioner can be used in offices, homes, garages, caravans, conservatories or any other locations that require cooling. The air conditioner’s castor wheels make moving the unit easy. This air conditioner not only cools the air, but dehumidifies and purifies it. The SlimLine air conditioner creates breathable, clean and cool air free from moisture and dust.

The SlimLine air conditioner functions as a three-in-one unit that provides a cooling, fan and dehumidifier function. The unit also offers a 24-hour start-and-stop function that makes it convenient to pre-cool rooms. Additionally, the unit has a turbo two-speed fan that runs quietly, electric touch control, a remote control and a cable tidy system behind the unit.

This air conditioner unit expels water from the hose and does not require emptying. The reusable filter is washable, allowing for easy maintenance. The unit is also environmentally friendly, as it uses a green refrigerant and requires a low level of power consumption.