How Do You Choose a Portable Heater?

How Do You Choose a Portable Heater?

To choose a portable heater, consider which type is best for you, review the safety features, consider the location and size, and purchase a heater with a fan. It is important that you do not leave a running electric heater unattended.

  1. Choose the right type

    Consider your specific heating needs for direction in selecting a portable heater. For heating a small room, a heater with fast spot heating capabilities is ideal. A propane heater is good for heating outdoor areas, while a large heater has better aesthetics.

  2. Review the safety features

    Opt for an appliance that is cool to the touch, especially in a house with children or pets. Other safety features include a sensor that shuts the unit off when it is tipped over, or overheats. Ensure that moist areas such as kitchens and bathrooms have protected outlets for added safety when using heaters.

  3. Consider the location

    The location of the portable heater dictates the size of the heater. There needs to be a clear space at least 3 feet in front of the heater to avoid fires.

  4. Purchase a heater with a fan

    Opt for a portable heater with a fan, which helps to distribute heat more quickly. This makes the unit more efficient, and ensures savings on energy bills.