How Do You Choose Pipe Fittings?


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When choosing pipe fittings, consider the material used in the fittings, as this influences the type of pressure the pipe assembly can handle, as well as the joining of the pipes. Consider the shape, connection type and size of the pipe before choosing pipe fittings.

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How Do You Choose Pipe Fittings?
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Pipe fittings are constructed using a variety of materials, such as galvanized steel, copper, iron or brass. There are also fittings made from plastic materials. The material of the pipe fittings should be the same as that of the pipes to which they connect. Using the same materials prevents undesired reactions to pressure and temperature and ensures the connection remains constant.

For the connection between the pipes and fittings to remain tight and constant, use the connection appropriate to the type of pipe and any plumbing requirements. There are threaded pipe fitting connections and slip fit connections. Pipe fitting shapes determine the effectiveness of the pipes in channeling waste and water to different destinations. Become familiar with the names of different shapes to enhance the selection process. The size of pipe fittings is also significant and determines the success of a plumbing job. Consider the difference between the inside and outside dimensions of the fittings.

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