How Do You Choose Perennial Grasses for a Landscaping Project?


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Choose perennial grasses for a landscaping project by deciding which grasses grow well in your type of soil and climate, how tall you want them to be, whether they come in colors that complement the rest of your lawn, and the role you want them to fill in the landscape. Most ornamental grasses are perennials, giving you a range of choices when designing your space.

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First, weed out those grasses that don't thrive well in your area. For instances, reedgrass requires light, well-drained soil and doesn't thrive in perpetually wet soil. Next, decide how tall you want the grass to be, and eliminate those varieties that are either too short or too tall for the area and don't complement the rest of your landscaping. For instance, fountaingrass can grow up to 8 feet tall. Finally, choose grasses depending on their colors and how they complement your yard. Many ornamental grasses come in a variety of colors from purple and pink to red and white.

Fountaingrass comes in purple, pink and red varieties, growing up to 4 feet wide. It thrives in the southern United States where temperatures don't dip below negative 6 degrees Fahrenheit. Not only does fountaingrass act as a deterrent to deer, but it also serves to attract birds. The prince purple variety of fountaingrass only grows up to 3 feet tall. Feather grass is softer than fountaingrass and only grows up to 3 feet high, but it also lacks the vibrant colors of fountaingrass.

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