How Do You Choose Painting Equipment?

To choose paint sprayers, evaluate what type of surface you need to paint, how big the coverage area is, and what kind of painting material you are going to use. Find information about different types of paint sprayers, such as cup, air, airless and high-volume, low-pressure sprayers. Evaluate the choices considering your needs.

To choose a paint brush, determine what type of filament you need in the brush and what style, size and quality you need it to be. The three types of filament material include synthetic material that can be used with all paints, 100-percent pure bristle (which is good for oil-based paints) and polybristle blend (also best for oil-based paints).

There are several styles of brushes that fit different purposes; for example, cutter brushes are best for door frames, corners and for cutting in different sections before using a roller. There are several types of cutter brushes, including sash, oval and angle cutters. Paint or wall brushes come in different sizes, and they can be used for regular painting tasks.

A high-quality brush makes it easier to paint, doesn't allow the paint to splatter, holds a lot of paint in it, and applies the paint smoothly. A good brush also lasts longer than a cheap one, so it is a good idea to buy a good brush if you plan on using it often.