How Do I Choose Paint Colors?


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Paint color can give a room an energetic, cozy or spacious ambiance. Paint company Benjamin Moore explains that the three key steps in choosing a suitable color are finding inspiration, defining the theme and considering important elements in your home.

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  1. Create a portfolio

    Gather interesting ideas, and make a portfolio of things that you find appealing, such as a favorite painting, the color of your child's eyes or a memorable vacation. Consider the common denominators of your inspirational ideas in terms of color. This method helps you come up with specific shades and tints and allows you to decide whether you want the colors bold or muted.

  2. Choose a theme

    Determine what atmosphere or theme you want to achieve in a particular room. This lays the foundation on the visual impact of your selected paint color palette.

  3. Observe key elements in your home

    Take into consideration important elements in your house, such as furniture, hardwood floors and carpeting. The color of the flooring plays an essential role in choosing paint color, as it anchors the room and affects the wall color due to reflections. Additionally, furnishings are crucial considerations, as they are typically very expensive items that cannot be easily replaced. Think about the coordinating color scheme that complements these elements in your home.

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