How Do I Choose a Paint Color to Match My Exterior Brick?

There are two options to help in matching a paint color to brick. The first applies if there is spare brick: simply take it and have a paint tinted to match this perfectly. Two, if no brick is available, then gather several paint samples and view which of these works the best.

The easiest method for matching paint to brick is to take a spare brick and have help in finding the color that is closest to the brick. Many paint stores can tint paint in order to make it match perfectly. Be careful and watch for lighting issues that may affect how the brick is looking, which could affect the paint that is received. This is why having an extra brick or two after building a home is always a good thing.

This option may not be available to everyone and if this is the case, it is up to the individual to find the paint that is going to work the best with the brick. This is going to mean taking several swatches of paint home in order to compare these to the brick. However, keep in mind that color swatches are often a shade or two different when compared to the real paint. This is why most professionals recommend getting actual samples of those colors a person thinks are close to the brick and testing these on brick that may be at the back of the home. This ensures that the color is as close to the actual brick color as possible.