How Do You Choose Outside Flower Pots?

To choose outdoor flower pots, select a material that stands up to local weather conditions with a pot large enough to accommodate the types of plants you want to grow. Pick a flower pot that fits the scale of the home in a color and design that complements its exterior.

Size is an important factor to consider when choosing a flower pot for both the aesthetic value and the health of the plants. A pot that is too small restricts the growth of the plant's roots. Opt for a pot at least 12 inches wide to accommodate a mix of plants. For annuals, the pot needs at least 8 inches of soil. If you're planting ornamental grasses or small shrubs, choose a pot that is two or three times that depth.

The pot's size also affects how it appears in the landscape. An oversized pot attracts attention and may dwarf other landscape elements, while tiny pots get lost in a large landscaped area.

Explore material options that fit into the surroundings while considering the location. Pots made from synthetic materials often weigh less but have the same appearance as stone, making them ideal for patios or balconies where weight is a concern. The material also affects a pot's appearance. A metal planter provides a modern look, while clay and concrete pots complement more rustic design schemes.