How Do You Choose Kitchen Counter Trim?


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To choose a kitchen counter trim, it is best to choose a color and design that matches or complements the color of the countertop. To do this, either use a color wheel or talk to a designer who has experience in matching colors. It is important to take some time to decide what color is best to avoid replacing it again in the future.

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Before replacing the kitchen counter trim, remove the old trim. The manufacturer should give instructions for the glue that comes with the trim, but make sure to prepare the area first by cleaning the dust off and sanding it lightly. Once that is done, apply the glue as the directions instruct.

With the glue on the countertop, start applying the trim. Depending on the trim type, line the edge of the trim either at the edge or just below the edge of the counter, which leaves a small overhang. Press the trim firmly and then use clamps to hold the trim in place until the glue dries -- at least 24 hours. At the end of this time, remove the clamps, and then ensure that everything is sticking correctly. If there is too much overlap, use sharp tools to trim off the excess or use a sander to even out the edges.

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