How Do You Choose a Juice Maker Machine?


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To choose a juice maker machine, consider whether a commercial or non-commercial juicer is better for your needs, look for long warranties and check out recommended brands. There are several models to choose from.

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  1. Opt for a commercial or non-commercial juice maker

    Decide whether a commercial or non-commercial machine best suits your needs. Non-commercial models are fine for personal use, whereas commercial models are necessary if you want to sell juice.

  2. Narrow down your juicer options

    Narrow down your juicer options according to the accessories you want. Consider whether you need long spouts or other special attachments.

  3. Further refine your choices according to juicer speed

    Look for juicers with a slow speed. Although high-speed juicers get the job done quicker, they add oxygen and heat to the juice, which destroys some of the nutrients. A lower speed results in more nutritious juice.

  4. Find a suitable warranty

    To protect yourself in the event that your juicer breaks, aim for a juicer with a long warranty. Good juicers come with warranties of 10 years or more that cover the juicer's parts as well as the machine.

  5. Check out consumer reviews

    Use websites such as Consumer Reports before investing in a juicer. Checking out consumer reviews allows you to determine whether the model you want is suitable.

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